Granite and Slate Hearths

At Sarsen Energy we often supply slate and granite hearths cut to the required dimensions. Standard hearths are 20 mm in depth but can be boxed to various depths to suit the application.

As standard we supply black granite in 3 options (honed, polished and brushed). Granite is an extremely tough material not easily scratched and therefore very durable for hearths, although it can be stained with acidic materials.

We also supply slate in  smooth or riven.  This material is softer and therefore can be chipped and scratched easily, so care must be taken with this material. The advantage of slate over granite is the cost is more favourable.

Below is a cost calculator.  Enter the desired option and material along with the required dimensions to calculate the costs involved.   

We can only supply within a 20 mile radius of SN8 3

Sarsen energy on 01264 850 742 to discuss your new hearth.


(Option 1) One piece

(Option 2) Rectangle

(Option 3) Two piece

(Option 4) Pentagon

(option 5) Fireplace slips

Hearth Calculator

Enter the material required along with the option and dimensions to calculate the cost of your chosen hearth

Hearth boxed flush

Hearth boxed and lipped