Smart Fire 69-81 KW

Smart fire 69-81

The Smart Fire 69-81 appliances are the largest appliances.

The Smart Fire 69 has a range out put from 20.7 KWs to a maximum 69 KWs with an efficiency of 92.5% The Smart Fire 81 is rated from 24.33 KWs up to 81 KWs, with an efficiency of 91.5%

These appliances have touch screen control, optional automatic flue way cleaning and an external ash collection assuring minimal user input.

All Smart Fire boilers can control as standard two heating circuits with full weather compensation plus hot water. Optional modules increase the possibility of further heating circuits.

The optional Lambda control assures complete combustion. With the addition of a small web server the boilers can be controlled remotely from any where with a PC, tablet or smart phone.  The build quality is exceptional with high quality tested components assuring a long and trouble free life. 

The fuel hopper size is 300 litres approximately 180 Kg

The addition of a vacuum system gives the ability for a larger remote storage, the fuel can be transported over larger distances, giving greater flexibility of storage capacity and position.

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The touch screen on all Smart Fire boilers is intuitive with easy to read menus.  It controls all aspects of the boiler settings and heating system.  Setting the fuel levels allows for visual and audible warning of re-fuelling requirements.

With a small discreet optional module, remote access from anywhere is possible. Turn the appliance on or off, alter schedules and monitor appliance operation. 

Unlike many other manufacturers, HKS Lazar use a stainless steel burner in their  Smart Fire boilers.

This ensures the life-span is longer than others which use ceramic burners prone to cracking and require replacement more often.


All Smart Fire boilers utilize a cast iron rotary sluice, which creates a  mechanical separation from the fuel storage and the combustion chamber, ensuring that heat transfer from the ignited fuel will not transfer into the fuel hopper.

A heat sensor continuously monitors the fuel supply, extinguishing the boiler in the unlikely event of temperature increase.

Remote access

Lambda (option)


Compact size

Free configuration

Automatic cleaning

Energy efficient

Tested to the highest EN standards Class 5

Class 5

Multiple storage options