Summer Flu

Some people get flu during the summer, and others choose to have a flue installed. This customer decided to have the latter.

After a trip to our showroom, they chose the contemporary Contura 556:1 G Style in Black.

The glass door and glass sides not only give an all round view of the flame, but the glass sides provide a fantastic glow on to the wall behind.

The flue was installed through the bedroom above, then directly through the roof. We boxed-in the flue in the bedroom, including the correct ventilation and access, and the client installed shelving to the left to help the boxing blend in.

Powder coated flue was then installed through the roof, to help prevent the property looking like a chip shop!

Before our engineers had got back to base, the client had already posted photos on social media saying how stunning it looked and how happy they were.

Collingbourne Ducis, March 2016