Not Friesian Anymore

This client had a particularly ‘Friesian’ cold part of the house which required heating.

The area was crying out for a double sided stove, which would not only supply sufficient heat, but it would also aesthetically improve the snug and the hallway that it was situated in-between, with the added bonus of the heat rising to the first floor.

The client wanted the existing brickwork covered up to achieve a clean finish.

The tired looking beam above the existing opening was to be replaced with a bespoke oak beam to keep a traditional look.

We excavated the sides and the rear of the opening to achieve the maximum sized aperture that was possible with their fireplace.

After installing concrete lintels to both sides and concrete blockwork where required we installed a heat resistant decorative board to the internals of the fireplace.

We then lined the chimney with a 316 grade class-1 flexible stainless steel liner in preparation for the double sided appliance.

Having installed the oak beam and plastered both sides of the opening it was now time to lay the hearth.

Sandstone was chosen as the hearth material, whilst not only being within keeping of the property, it is extremely practical and hard wearing.

The depth of the opening was sufficient for the hearth not to protrude beyond the plastered finish walls whilst still complying with current building regulations.

A traditional Chesney Salisbury 10 Kw double sided stove, in silver, was the ideal size and output for the areas to be heated.

The ‘Friesian’ rug in the snug was the perfect finish for the family pets to curl up and enjoy the warmth from their new wood burning stove.

The client is now considering having another stove installed elsewhere in their property, due to the high quality of the work carried out by Sarsen Energy and the pleasure that the installation of this double sided stove brings to their home.

Hungerford, January 2016

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