The rather boring and impractical fireplace that this couple inherited with their property, really wasn’t what they needed to enhance their lounge.

After finding us online and arranging a free of charge site survey from our surveyor, lots of suggestions were proposed before we reached a design that would not only be practical, but would be within keeping of their property, budget and timescale.

Although this lovely property is detached, we were not able to reach the top of the chimney stack with either our Cherry Picker or with ladders.

We constructed a scaffold tower to gain height access to the top the chimney stack, so we could line the chimney with a class-1 stainless steel flexible liner.

Having removed the existing mantle and the brick hearth it was now time to excavate the fireplace to achieve the maximum size opening that was achievable.

We lined the opening with a heat resistant decorative board, removed all the loose plaster and installed an oak beam above the aperture.

We then plastered the surrounding area and laid a grey sandstone hearth to the required dimensions.

Having installed a steel register plate into the top of the opening, it was now time to fit the selected British made stove.

We mitered the skirting to return the profile of the molding, rather than just butting it up to the sandstone hearth.

This stunning finish has yet again enhanced the room with one of the leading British made stoves that are available.

The Woodwarm Fireview 5Kw Slender Profiled Flat Top stove, is a stunning centerpiece and has probably the best Airwash system, (to keep the glass clean) on the market.

Along with the huge glass door, creating a large vista to see the maximum amount of the flames, it’s fantastic engineering, the stylish look and it’s controllability this is one of our favorite stoves to install.

With the Tower and the Inferno, the client was delighted and amazed with the transformation and quality of work that was achieved in just two days.

Marlborough, September 2016