Glass door panels

At Sarsen Energy we can supply glass panels to suit most wood and Multi-fuel appliances. Supply the dimensions in the form below to calculate the cost of supply Glass-ceramic was invented in the 1960s. Its thermal endurance and stability make it ideal for many products: from stove tops and cookware, to missile nose cones and astronomical telescope mirror substrates. Transparent glass-ceramic, introduced in 1970s, is much more difficult and expensive to make than ordinary glass. As a result, it also has a different appearance including colour, surface texture, and some small bubbles or inclusions that are natural to its composition and have no effect on its strength or performance. All of our stove glass is cut from sheets of Robax glass (manufactured by SCHOTT in Germany) and has a heat resistance of up to 760°C – as stated by the manufacturer’s website. Please note that all replacement stove glass supplied by us is heat resistant but IS NOT tempered (toughened) and is therefore unsuitable for use as a hearth or in any other instance where pressure is applied. Breakages Stove glass breakages can occur for any number of reasons, from both inside and outside force; oversized logs, over tightened clips and the burning of inappropriate fuels (such as treated wood) are all common causes for breaks and cracks. Always follow your manufacturer’s instructions for sealing method and rope diameter, do not use fire cement, silicone sealant, or anything that does not allow for expansion. Failure to follow these instructions could result in pressure being applied due to heat expansion, which may cause your glass to crack.