HKS Lazar Pellet Boilers

​Sarsen Energy is the sole importer of HKS Lazar Wood Pellet and Wood Burning Boilers for UK homes.


About HKS Lazar

HKS Lazar is an established, family-run business, which has become one of the leading manufacturers of Biomass Heating Systems in Poland. The origins of the Lazar brothers’ business were established in 1937. They now have over 400 dealers covering the entirety of Poland and they also export with great success to several European countries including Germany, where they are on the prestigious BAFA list. This qualifies them as a true international exporter of renewable heating technologies.

The build quality of all HKS Lazar products is exceptional. All components used within the appliances are tried and tested high quality, guaranteeing long and trouble-free operation.   Research and development is paramount in staying ahead of competition, therefore at HKS Lazar they are continuously striving to develop and improve their products.

The Smart Fire and the Pellet Focus ranges contain the latest technology including an intuitive touch screen controller with weather compensation, automatic flue way cleaning and ash removal. The quality and efficiency of these appliances exceeds many other manufacturers in the renewable heating market, but they are not in the category of others with an over-inflated price tag.   The range starts from as little as £2694.00 + V.A.T for the Pellet Focus 21 which is comparable with an oil-fired boiler equivalent.

Therefore renewable energy is no longer an expensive option. With the government subsidy – the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – it can actually be a financial benefit.

Contact us for more information, or come and view the appliances in our Showroom to see for yourself the intuitive design and quality of the Smart Fire and Pellet Focus ranges.


HKS Lazar boilers are simple to install. The appliances are delivered fully-assembled and pre-wired, and can also be supplied with a hydraulic thermostatic valve and energy saving pump, saving installation time.

Although all Smart Fire and Pellet Focus boilers modulate heat output, we recommend the installation of an accumulator or heat store. This will assure that there are less ignition sequences assuring extended life off the igniter and reduction in ash deposits, extending the service schedule.

The touch screen with associated module can control the appliance operation along with X 2 heating circuits with weather compensation and hot water. An additional module can extend the heating circuits to 4.

The ECO net 300 module connects directly to the appliance and facilitates wireless or wired connection to home routers, supplying remote access from a P.C Tablet or Smart phone  to the boiler and heating system. Settings can be viewed and changed remotely, the appliance can be turned on or off, temperatures controlled and the configuration of the appliance altered.

Installation design is the responsibility of the installer, but we are happy to supply design advice when required. All HKS Lazar boilers can be installed into existing open-vented  or un-vented (sealed systems). Specifying this is important at the time of order.


Pellet boilers require regular servicing and with some brands this can be expensive. Some need to be switched off 12 hours before they can be serviced, therefore a backup appliance is generally required, otherwise heating and hot water are off for long periods.

Our HKS Lazar Smart Fire and Pellet Focus boilers only require switching off two hours prior to servicing.

The actual task of servicing HKS Lazar boilers is quick and easy; no serviceable parts are generally required, works can be undertaken in approximately one hour assuring that down-time of the appliance is limited and heating and hot water are not off for long periods.


For more information about our HKS Lazar biomass boiler range, call us on 01264 850742 or visit our showroom at Unit 1, Garlands Trading Estate, Cadley Road, Collingbourne Ducis, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3EB