HKS Lazar Pellet Focus 21

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HKS Lazar Pellet Focus 21

The Pellet Focus 21 is the easy solution to space issues, with all the options of the Smart Fire, automatic flue way and grate cleaning, Lambda sensor and remote access.

The small stature allows for installation into the smallest of spaces. The burner is mounted externally to the boiler allowing for direct connection to remote hoppers of multiple size and construction. A vacuum option is also available for larger remote storage.

The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) is a government subsidy, that pays the end user an annual amount based on the EPC (energy performance certificate) of the dwelling. If you have an EPC you can find the information on the KW hour requirements here. Click the button and when prompted enter your post code, download the EPC and enter the KW hour requirements for heating and domestic hot water. Fill in the form to calculate the estimated annual payments.

The touch screen on the Pellet Focus boiler is intuitive with easy to read displays. It controls all aspects of the boiler settings and heating system, setting the fuel levels allows for visual and audible warning of re-fuelling requirements.
With a small discreet optional module remote access from anywhere is possible. Turn the appliance on or off, alter schedules and monitor appliance operation.

The Pellet Focus burner can be easily detached, assuring that service times are reduced therefore reducing costs. All components used on this burner are tried and tested reducing the chance of failures.