Stove Pipe Thermometers

Operating a wood burning stove is not necessarily as easy as lighting and loading with fuel. The correct fuel is important, dry and seasoned.The operating temperature is also important. When the appliance is operating at the correct temperature combustion of the fuel is at it,s most efficient Flue gasses are cleaner and potential deposits within the chimney system and appliance are reduced, keeping the glass on the appliance cleaner and assuring that the flue system is kept clean reducing the costs of annual chimney cleaning. If tar deposits within the chimney are apparent then the potential for a chimney fires is increased potentially damaging the flue system and the structure of the property. Installing a thermometer to the appliance or connecting flue pipe will supply the end user the information to be able to operate the appliance at the correct temperature assuring reduced tar deposits and assure clean visual through the appliance glass
A thermometer is an essential requirement for a new user of a wood burning stoves, but even experienced users can benefit from using one of these to assure that their appliance and flue system are kept operating at full operational potential