Bay Window Watch

The client Googled 'Wood Burning Stoves In Wiltshire' and Sarsen Energy appeared at the top of list. We received a phone call from them to discuss the possibility of installing a stove in the bay window in their lounge.

They had previously contacted a company closer to them, but were told by their engineer that it could not be done!

One of our surveyors visited the property to see if a stove could be installed in their preferred location and to discuss the finished look that they wanted to achieve.


They wanted a traditional look with a brick finish if possible, but with minimal reduction to the size of the bay window.

After the removal of all the soft furnishings and combustible materials, the work was started to transform the widow into the main feature of the property.

A stone hearth was laid to the required dimensions, with the same stone being used to replace the existing window sills. Brick slips were used to minimize the impact on the aperture.

We cut through the concrete ceiling of the bay and installed a powder coated twin wall flue system to the gable end of the property.

The Charnwood C-5 multi fuel stove with store stand was a great choice to complete the desired look.

The client was "Seriously impressed with our know-how" and "Absolutely delighted with the job" and "Would definitely recommend us to their friends"

Not bad at all for a job that "Couldn't be done"

Westbury, July 2015