Local Home is Warm & Energy Efficient

When Harriet realised she was always cold despite high heating bills, researching the fuel efficiency and luxurious heat of a wood or pellet biomass boiler seemed the way forward.

The SHT Austria TDA Thermodual boiler was chosen as it is has the ability to allow the continuous burning of wood pellets plus the added option of burning logs, the TDA automatically switches between fuels as required.

Sarsen energy Biomass BoilerThe boiler controls the entire heating system due to a weather compensation system which has an external weather sensor so the system is always running at optimum efficiency. It automatically adjusts the water temperature according to the external weather conditions.

All works were carried out by Sarsen Energy and the full installation was completed in only five days, from appliance delivery to full commissioning. It now sits in an outbuilding and feeds the heating system inside the house. Private woodlands provide virtually free fuel, minimising the environmental cost of the boiler.

Harriet is warm, cosy and delighted with her choice of wood log and pellet boiler, and with Sarsen Energy.

The added bonus of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) also helps with the capital cost of the installation over a 7 year period.