The Grass is Greener

We had been recommended to this client by a friend.

They had heard how efficient modern stoves are and coupled with the fact that they are so much easier to clean and more controllable than an open fire they gave us a call.

They didn’t want anything too modern, but wanted clean lines.

By the end of day one we had removed the existing surround and hearth, excavated to reveal the original builders opening, installed a concrete lintel and lined the chimney with a Class 1 904-Grade flexible stainless steel liner.

At the end of day two the installation was complete with a sandstone hearth laid, heat resistant decorative board lining the internals of the aperture, register plate fitted, an angle iron frame to the edges, a bespoke oak beam above the opening, the chimney breast plastered and a Charnwood C-4 multi fuel stove installed.


The finished installation looks stunning.

Painting the decorative board in a similar colour to furnishings in the room, really enhances the feature of the fireplace.

In this instance the client chose to use the same colour as the rug (it is not grass in their lounge as some people have mentioned) to bring the stove into the room.

Their comment on the completion of our installation:

“We are over the moon with all the work carried out, our dream has now come true! Workmen Lovely too! Thank you!”

Great Cheverell, February 2014

It’s Your Surround

Having heard about Sarsen Energy through some friends, The client wanted to discuss the options regarding the possible installation of a multi fuel stove, to replace their inefficient open fire.

We decided that the best option was to maintain the existing stone surround and excavate the opening to accommodate a slender multi fuel appliance.

We lined the internals of the opening with a heat resistant decorative board, which can be painted with a water based paint.

Having lined the chimney with a class-1 904 grade stainless steel flexible liner, and fitted a steel register plate in to the top of the opening, we installed a Woodwarm Fireview 5Kw Profiled Flat Top Slender multi fuel stove in to the aperture to create a traditional look.

The client painted the internals of the opening the same colour as the chimney breast to maintain continuity.

This installation was completed in two days.

Great Bedwyn, November 2014

A Hole New Look

The client had purchased a new build detached property without a fireplace.

Having contacted Sarsen Energy, via a recommendation from an existing customer, we arranged a site visit from one of our surveyors, at a time convenient for the client, to discuss the possibilities of installing a wood burning stove in their lounge.

Due to the desired location of the stove, it was not practical to site the stove internally.

Therefore we decided to construct an external chamber to house a wood burning stove and install an external twin wall flue.

We proceeded to construct the external block and brick fireplace to the required dimensions, compliant with current building regulations.

Whilst liaising with Building Control and matching the existing brickwork, our in-house bricklayer built the new fireplace.

As the existing chimney was purely cosmetic and of a fiberglass construction, the twin wall flue would continue externally.

Using our very own Cherry-Picker, the powder coated twin wall flue was then installed to the gable end of the property.

The Finished Article.

Having created this ‘Hole New Look’ a honed black granite hearth was installed with an attractive contemporary Hwam 3610 in black with glass door sited in the new opening, complete with angle-iron frame to the sides and an oak beam above.

Externally we built a bespoke wood store to match the dimensions of the new chamber.

All of this work was undertaken by Sarsen Energy in just five days.

Pewsey, June 2015


A Surprise for Our Installers

The client had done their research into local wood burning stove companies and chose Sarsen Energy because of our experience in the industry and that we do not use subcontractors for our installations.

They were open to suggestions regarding the fireplace and appliance and decided to open-up the existing aperture to the original builders opening.

The hearth and surround were removed to reveal the original builders opening, at this point it was discovered that the build quality of the fireplace and chimney was far from safe.

The removal of the installed fire back and loose rubble revealed limited support, props were required to stabilise the fireplace prior to re-building and strengthening the walls.

When it was deemed to be structurally safe the re-build and reconstruction started

A number of supporting concrete lintels were used to assure the stability of the walls and chimney

The internals of the fireplace were re-built with concrete blocks and a further concrete lintel was installed to the front of the fireplace

Having lined the chimney with a Class-1 316 Grade stainless steel flexible liner, installed heat resistant decorative board to the internals of the opening and installed a steel closure plate, we were on our way to completion.

With plasterboard fitted, the wall plastered and the oak beam installed it was now time to install the hearth and the stove.

We laid a sandstone hearth and  supplied and installed a Charnwood C-5 wood burning stove to complete the transformation.

The installation took three days longer than was allowed for in the original quotation.

We carried out these works at no additional cost to the customer.

Needless to say the customer was absolutely delighted with the service we provided.

Customer comment following the installation


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted I am with the wood-burner that your guys installed last week.  They were amazing, I’m sure you heard about my dodgy chimney and they just fixed it and got on with the installation.  To say you over-delivered is an understatement ! The attention to detail and giving 100% is a rarity in business and you have the best team.  They deserve a huge bonus at the end of the year !”

Great Bedwyn, May 2016

A Blank Canvas

The client had purchased a new build semidetached property without a fireplace.

Having contacted Sarsen Energy, via a recommendation from a previous customer, we arranged a site visit from one of our surveyors, at a time convenient for the client, to discuss the possibilities of installing a multi-fuel stove.

Having chosen the location of the new chimney and selected the appliance, we proceeded to construct the fireplace to the required dimensions compliant with current building regulations.

We installed a Twin-Wall flue through the property, boxing-in the flue in the first floor bedroom and installing a protective barrier in the roof space.

Having constructed the fireplace from block work, we then added a ‘distressed’ wooden beam above the aperture. We then lined the internals of the opening with a heat-resistant decorative board and installed plasterboard to the front and sides.

The chimney breast was then plastered in preparation for laying the slate hearth and the installation of the wood burning stove.

The Finished Article.

A slate hearth, with a superb Capital Fireplaces 490 Sigma wood burning stove.

The transformation from having a plain wall, to having a chimney constructed with a fully operational and compliant wood burning stove, was undertaken by Sarsen Energy in just four days.

Milton Lilbourne, April 2015

The Birds Had Been Busy

This is a returning customer of Sarsen Energy, who having had two appliances previously installed by us, decided to carry out further works to their property.

This entailed opening up a previously bricked up fireplace with the intention of creating as large an opening as possible, with a wood store to one side.

As the work commenced, we always knew that there would be a substantial amount of building work to be undertaken to achieve the end look that the client and us envisaged.

To say that there was an enormous amount of nesting material in the chimney would be an understatement.

Fortunately the client was able to see pass the mess of dust and rubble that we had created.

Having excavated most of the chimney, it was now time to start building and creating a new fireplace.

The construction consisted of concrete blocks, concrete lintels and faced with reclaimed bricks to be within keeping of the character of the property.

We also created a cupboard that is accessed from the room behind the fireplace.

As we always liaise with the client during all of our installations, it was decided that an oak beam was to be installed at the top of the aperture, a cupboard would be incorporated to one side and wood store with brick arch to be integrated within the brickwork.

Having created the new spacious fireplace, complete with a wood store to one side and cupboard to the other, it was now time to line the chimney.

We lined the chimney with a Class-1 904 Grade stainless steel flexible liner.

The installation was completed with a Stovax Riva Plus Large 11Kw wood burning stove.

A traditional stove that complimented the new fireplace with the correct output for the room.

The client stated that the finished look was “way beyond our expectations” and they were “over the moon with the workmanship”

Shrewton, March 2015

Bay Window Watch

The client Googled ‘Wood Burning Stoves In Wiltshire’ and Sarsen Energy appeared at the top of list. We received a phone call from them to discuss the possibility of installing a stove in the bay window in their lounge.

They had previously contacted a company closer to them, but were told by their engineer that it could not be done!

One of our surveyors visited the property to see if a stove could be installed in their preferred location and to discuss the finished look that they wanted to achieve.

They wanted a traditional look with a brick finish if possible, but with minimal reduction to the size of the bay window.

After the removal of all the soft furnishings and combustible materials, the work was started to transform the widow into the main feature of the property.

A stone hearth was laid to the required dimensions, with the same stone being used to replace the existing window sills. Brick slips were used to minimize the impact on the aperture.

We cut through the concrete ceiling of the bay and installed a powder coated twin wall flue system to the gable end of the property.

The Charnwood C-5 multi fuel stove with store stand was a great choice to complete the desired look.

The client was “Seriously impressed with our know-how” and “Absolutely delighted with the job” and “Would definitely recommend us to their friends”

Not bad at all for a job that “Couldn’t be done”

Westbury, July 2015

Summer Flue

Some people get flu during the summer, and others choose to have a flue installed. This customer decided to have the latter.

After a trip to our showroom, they chose the contemporary Contura 556:1 G Style in Black.

The glass door and glass sides not only give an all round view of the flame, but the glass sides provide a fantastic glow on to the wall behind.

The flue was installed through the bedroom above, then directly through the roof. We boxed-in the flue in the bedroom, including the correct ventilation and access, and the client installed shelving to the left to help the boxing blend in.

Powder coated flue was then installed through the roof, to help prevent the property looking like a chip shop!

Before our engineers had got back to base, the client had already posted photos on social media saying how stunning it looked and how happy they were.

Collingbourne Ducis, March 2016

Who Wooden Like This

This absolutely stunning extension to a bungalow tucked away in the Wiltshire countryside, almost brings the garden into the living room.

The oak and glass wall was the perfect setting to have a multi-fuel stove to bring warmth and comfort to this already homely room.

Siting the Charnwood C-8 multi-fuel stove with store stand, in brown, on to the glass hearth was a perfect choice of size, output and style.

Installing the powder coated twin wall flue directly through the roof had virtually no restriction on the view over the garden and beyond.

Rushall, April 2016

Not Friesian Anymore

This client had a particularly ‘Friesian’ cold part of the house which required heating.

The area was crying out for a double sided stove, which would not only supply sufficient heat, but it would also aesthetically improve the snug and the hallway that it was situated in-between, with the added bonus of the heat rising to the first floor.

The client wanted the existing brickwork covered up to achieve a clean finish.

The tired looking beam above the existing opening was to be replaced with a bespoke oak beam to keep a traditional look.

We excavated the sides and the rear of the opening to achieve the maximum sized aperture that was possible with their fireplace.

After installing concrete lintels to both sides and concrete blockwork where required we installed a heat resistant decorative board to the internals of the fireplace.

We then lined the chimney with a 316 grade class-1 flexible stainless steel liner in preparation for the double sided appliance.

Having installed the oak beam and plastered both sides of the opening it was now time to lay the hearth.

Sandstone was chosen as the hearth material, whilst not only being within keeping of the property, it is extremely practical and hard wearing.

The depth of the opening was sufficient for the hearth not to protrude beyond the plastered finish walls whilst still complying with current building regulations.

A traditional Chesney Salisbury 10 Kw double sided stove, in silver, was the ideal size and output for the areas to be heated.

The ‘Friesian’ rug in the snug was the perfect finish for the family pets to curl up and enjoy the warmth from their new wood burning stove.

The client is now considering having another stove installed elsewhere in their property, due to the high quality of the work carried out by Sarsen Energy and the pleasure that the installation of this double sided stove brings to their home.

Hungerford, January 2016